Welket Bungué


You can not photograph to forget. Kris Linn loves to photograph nature, but this delight has her days counted because with each passing day she will forget the places she has gone. From Dois Irmãos Hill in Rio de Janeiro to the Tiergarten Park in Berlin, Kris looks for the perfect place for perfect photography that unites the vivid impermanence of nature and the presence of her friend Mayo.

Drama, Color and B&W, Portuguese (Br) 14′ – Brazil, Germany, 2018

Production: KUSSA Productions

Cast: Kristin Bethge – Kris Linn Welket Bungué – Welket Mayo Carioca Taxidriver

DoP: Welket Bungué

Sound: Welket Bungué

Editor: Welsau Bungué

Written and Directed by: Welket Bungué

Filmed with WIKO Pulp

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