by Welket Bungué

‘BASTIEN’ is the story of a 24 year-old, who grew up in an institution for six years and returned home of their host family. He lives with his younger brother Zezito and his adoptive grandmother, Dona Angustina. Living on the razor’s edge, Bastien depends on an ungrateful and degenerate world, dreams crumble and lives that are saved have a sterile neighborhood as background to this story played out between two brothers and barren destination that crosses their paths.



KUSSA, André Lourenço



Welket Bungué, Maria do Céu Guerra, Miguel Monteiro, Silvana Pinto, Maikel Sani, Carlos ‘Mariana’ Monteiro, Daniel Costa, João Costa, Wilis Melvyn



Leandro Ferrão



Júlio Pereira



Elisabete Mendes


Written and Directed by

Welket Bungué



Paul Alexx Valente aka NEARFIELD



Raquel Laranjo



Damara Ingles by A OUTRA FACE DA LUA


Supported by FUNDAÇÃO GDA – Direitos dos Artistas and MASSIVEMOV.COM



Festival Internacional de Cinema de AVANCA 2016 (Pt)

Festival Internacional de Cinema de Zanzibar 2017 (Tanzania)

Africlap Festival des Cinémas d’Afrique de Toulouse 2017 (Fr)

10′ Encontro de Cinema Negro Zózimo Bulbul 2017 (Br)

28º Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de São Paulo – Mostra de Curtas CPLP curated by the New York & Portuguese Short Film Festival 2017 (USA/BR)

Afrika Filmfestival 2018: Yafma Competition (Be)

KUGOMA Mozambique Film Forum (August 2019)



“Nominee” Best Actor in Fiction Short Film – CINEUPHORIA AWARDS 2017

“Nominee” Best Fiction Short Film – Sophia Awards of the Portuguese Academy of Cinema 2017

Welket Bungué – “Winner” Best Actor In A Short Film – Shortcutz Awards Viseu (2017)

‘Bastien’ – “Winner” Best First Film  – Shortcutz Awards Ovar (2018)


Short film, Drama, Color, Portuguese, 20′ – Portugal, 2016

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